Wedding Details

Ola! I know, i know. I haven’t updated the blog for quite some time. I’ve been married for 4 months and I haven’t written a single update (well, except for that blog about the Church requirements) since November. Boo me.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s all over! Whew! I’m finally married and all those stress on planning was all worth it :)

Let me enumerate important details regarding our suppliers (in Philippines, wedding suppliers are a big deal).

By the way, the wedding took place in Virgin Beach Resort in San Juan Batangas, Philippines. It’s kind of tricky to get there. So what my friend did was he placed tarpaulins (with our JJJM logo) near confusing turns to guide my guests to the venue. Oh, too bad I don’t have picture of those :( My guests told me it’s like playing a game. They get excited every time they see a tarpaulin.



There are a lot of great photographers out there. We opted for Tatlonghari Photography. We’ve known Jojo, the main photographer, for quite a long time already and we’ve been hiring him for important events. I love his creativity! And most of all, he’s easy to talk to.

The basic package costs around Php 75 000. Includes growing up AVP, prenuptial photo shoot, guestbook, wedding coverage, wedding photo album, wedding video (edited and unedited). ┬áIf you want to avail the same-day-edit video, it’s an additional Php 10 000. We didn’t avail this one. I know it’s trending, but it’s not a MUST. I’d say save your money to spend on other important things for your wedding.

(The following pictures were by Tatlonghari Photography)


Music and Entertainment

We hired Impressions Music Ensemble to sing and play for us during the ceremony and reception. We chose a quartet (double bass, violin, flute, piano) plus a male singer. This package costs around Php 31 000. It’s a little expensive because our wedding was outside Metro Manila. But they’re really great! Must be because they’re from University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music :)



Some people pay so much for flowers. They even pay for a bouquet that’s worth a whooping Php 10 000! Here let me give you a tip. We bought ours from the famous flower market in Manila. Yes, Dangwa! It may not be the most pleasant place, but the flowers here are not bad :) and the good thing is they’re really cheap. We only paid around Php 20 000+. That’s already for everything! My bouquet, flowers for the whole entourage, the wooden arch and its flowers, church and reception flower arrangements, delivery. It was a bargain!

Flowers from dangwa. Chapel design by Nico Orillano

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Catholic Church Wedding Requirements

My husband and I are both Catholics. So before we even got married, there are a lot of prerequisites. (I’m not sure if these are the same requirements outside of Philippines)

  • Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates
    The couple must secure certificates (within 4 months before getting married) from the church where they were baptized and confirmed. Must have an annotation of “For Marriage Purposes only”. You have to submit the original copies so you may want to scan or photocopy these documents. Or better yet, get multiple copies. Continue reading

Hats hats hats!

Since our wedding will be held during summertime, my sisters suggested that the entourage should don a hat :) At first, I don’t have any idea where I would buy a hat that will match their dresses. I looked at the malls but I got disappointed. They were not the kind of hats I was expecting. So I started searching for hat suppliers and manufacturers, then I found Lucban Hats Global Export. Their hats are lovely! It’s like what you see at Royal Weddings haha! I was even more surprised when I found out that their showroom is very accessible from where I live. We decided to visit it right away. There were too many hats and I tried almost all of them! But of course, I cannot buy all of them hehe.

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Dress Code for our Wedding: Summer Chic

What is Summer Chic attire?

According to

Summer chic attire is similar to business casual. Sophisticated and classy without going all out. Summer dresses, short sleeve knit tops, Capri pants and dress sandals can make you have chic summer attire.

Here are sample pictures so you will have an idea :)

** the following images are from Island Importer ***

Gauze Lanai Shirt

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